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Its time to grab your balls! (you too ladies)

By CFBadmin | In Blog | on January 6, 2016

Written by: Carlos Quiros

So as most of you already know the one issue most people have when it comes to lifting those big weights is mobility! We are all tight somewhere, quads, hips, shoulders, lower back, you name it and I’m sure one of you if not all of you will say “yup! That’s me”. Just like anything worth doing right takes time so does improving your mobility. While we’d all like to think that because you’ve used the GRIP IT & RIP IT method and it’s gotten you this far so why change now the sad reality is that as the bar gets heavier and heavier if you use that method your form will continue to get worse and worse putting your back, hips, shoulders, quads, etc in unsafe territory.


“okay coach so what can I do to improve my mobility?”

To this question I’d say

“Grab your balls!…..Lacrosse balls”

With this simple tool you can dig into places only god knew existed and break up any of those tight, tight muscles that are preventing you from getting down all the way in a back or front squat, preventing you from fully locking out those elbows on overhead movements or that are keeping your chest forward rather than straight up when you catch a heavy clean.


Here are three easy mobility drills that you can do at home using a lacrosse ball and your time

Anterior Compartment Smash:

Improves: Overhead Position & Mid Range Pressing (Bench, Push Press)


Take your lacrosse or baseball and position it on your pec minor by laying on the ground and simply relaxing on the ball. Hunt around for tight spots and learn to relax on that ball while your muscles give way and start to come unknotted. Explore the pec by using small circles or side to side rotations. Once you’ve found those knots get rid of them asap!


T-Spine Smash:

Improves: Normal Posture & Overhead Positioning

IMG_7222 IMG_7224

Take two lacrosse balls or baseballs and tape the together side by side so they look like a peanut! Start by placing the balls at the top of your neck and work the peanut down the back  along those muscles that hug yours spine until the get all the way to the glutes. The hardest part is relaxing the muscles while a lacrosse ball digs deep into your muscles, NOT EASY TO DO.  We’d recommend you take 10-15 minutes doing this every other day until you start to see some changes in your mobility (squats, presses, cleans, etc) Find the areas where you’re tightest (you’ll know right away once you get these balls on your back) and focus a lot of your time there once you’ve figured out where you are tightest.

High Glute Smash:

Improves: Hip External Rotation Capacity, Low Back and Hip Pain, Hip & Trunk Rotation


Position a lacrosse ball/baseball on the side of your hip. The with ball smashed into your hip muscle, move your knee down towards the floor and extend the opposite leg straight

Use these three simple smashes to improve your mobility. Once you improve and feel like you can progress come see one of your coaches at CFB and we’ll give you some more based on your flexibility and pain tolerance!



Happy Stretching!

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