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Rest vs Lift: A look into my eating habits

By CFBadmin | In Blog | on February 17, 2016

Rest vs Lift: A look into my eating habits

By: Carlos Quiros

Seeing that my goals right now are to lift as many kilos as possible my eating habits and schedule have to A) Keep me fueled enough to help me lift those heavy weights & B) NOT gain so much weight that I can not compete in the 85kg weight class. So to give all of our members an insight into what I am eating and how I stayed fueled and relatively lean throughout the year I have decided to give you a look at what my lifting day meals look like versus my rest day meals. SPOILER ALERT: CURRENTLY I AM ON A MEATLESS DIET and feel better lifting than when I was eating meat! A full write up will come on that later.

Rest Days:

Here is a picture of all of the meals I ate on one of my rest days last week. Notice that the calorie intake is very low and there is not much in the way of food taken in this day as I DO NOT need nearly as much food to get me through the day as I would on my lifting days. Lets take a look at each meal.



Meal #1: (5:30am)

Before I leave the comforts of my home at the pleasant hour of 5:30 am I usually consume a cup of black coffee and a PROGENEX MORE MUSCLE protein shake and 2 tablespoons of PB2. The shake makes sure my muscles are getting fed before I break my fast (breakfast) and eat some real food

Meal #2: (10:30am)

Is the same breakfast that I have every morning. It consist of 1 cup of black beans, 4 cups of kale, 2 whole eggs, 1-2 pieces of sourdough bread depending on my mood and hunger level. I always top both eggs with a shake of curry, cinnamon, turmeric, cumin, salt and pepper. I use all of these spices everyday because they taste good and for the anti-cancer and anti-inflammatory properties.

Meal #3:  (4:00pm)

Since this was a rest day I left my house around 4:00pm to open up CrossFit Born With It around 4:30. No need for a big meal here just something to keep me fueled throughout the evening before I made it back home for dinner. I chose to go with a PROGENEX RECOVERY shake and 2 tablespoons of PB2

Meal #4: (10:00pm)

Because I am at CrossFit Born With It late into the evening most nights I usually eat dinner very late by most peoples standards. While eating late or after 8:00pm usually has people thinking they’ll instantly turn into a big blob of dough overnight I can assure you it will not assuming you’ve kept your calories in check throughout the day. I didn’t eat much on this day so I chose a somewhat bigger meal for dinner. My dinner that evening was a large bowl of black bean soup with two ounces of parmesan cheese, half a cup of blueberries, and a small broccoli salad that I make weekly that contains broccoli, cauliflower, brown rice, golden raisins, almonds, turmeric and a cilantro dress.

One thing you may notice is that there is NO MEAT in any of these meals. Currently I gave up any and all animal flesh for 40 days and have been surviving quite nicely with beans, lentils, nuts, dairy and eggs as my protein sources. As a matter of fact I’ve seen some improvements in some of my lifts and overall feel less inflamed and more energized. I will have a full write up on this after the 40 days are up.


Now let’s take a look at my lifting days…..


Lifting Days:


Meal #1: (5:30 am)

No change here same PROGENEX MORE MUSCLE, with PB2 Powdered Peanut Butter but added 1 Cup of Black Coffee and 1 Grapefruit

MEAL #2 (10:30 am)

Same breakfast that I had on my non lifting day.

Meal #3 (11:30 am)

I use this as a little pre to the pre workout meal almost everyday that I lift. It consists of two servings of cereal, 1 tablespoon of flax seed and half a cup of almond milk. I usually go with either cocoa krispies or Trader Joes Just the Clusters Chocolate cereal.

Meal #4 (2:00pm)

This was my pre workout meal on this day. It was 2 cups of kale, 1 cup of rice and 2 whole eggs. Missing is the black cup of iced coffee that I drink everyday I lift on the way to CrossFit Born With It. I never use pre workout supplements as most of them are just garbage.

Intra Workout: (3:00-5:00)

I usually sip on a FITAID through the lifting session. The little caffeine and sugar help me get through but honestly I just like the taste of them.


Post Workout (5:00pm)

On this day I slammed a PROGENEX Recovery shake as fast as I could and took a picture of the shaker and bag when I got home because I forgot to at the gym. Since I am not eating meat right now these are a quick way for me to get protein after a lifting session.


Post- Post Workout/Meal #5: (6:00pm)

I almost always end a workout with a handful of blueberries about an hour after I lift. The antioxidants help repair my cells after the abuse I just put them through and hour ago and help speed up the recovery process. Again since I’m not eating meat right now the post post workout meal consisted of 2 hard boiled eggs, and two salads. One salad was peas, brown rice, beans, shredded greens and sunflower seeds the other was a Kale salad with quinoa, cranberries, almonds, beans, shredded carrots and a peanut dressing. While you’re probably saying “how can you recover with no meat? Where is your protein?” Between the beans, peas, eggs and PROGENEX I am getting plenty of protein and recovering nicely.

Dinner/Meal #6 (10:00pm)

Again I get home very late and had a huge pot of black bean soup waiting for me so on this evening I had a large bowl of black bean soup and some shredded parmesan cheese on top.

Snack/Meal #7 (10:30)

Before I went to bed I had two table spoons of almond butter before I went to bed for the evening.


So there it is and inside look on what I’m eating and how much I am eating on the days I lift versus my rest days. While I wouldn’t recommend cutting out meat entirely or adding cereal as a carb choice these are the things that I have found out work for me best right now. The no meat experiment is something that I’ve been wanting to do but didn’t think I could and now that I am into it for over a week now it really isn’t that hard. If you have any questions about how else I recover or how I feel without meat make sure to ask me next time you’re at CrossFit Born With It or email me at carlos@crossfitbornwithit.com.


Now go eat and get ready to train!

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